Testing Strategies

  • Temperature checks

  • Employee and guest questionnaires

  • Screening software

  • Use of testing/anti-body testing

  • Disclosure of testing results

Point Exposure Strategies

  • Testing type options

  • In-house and offsite testing

  • Testing facilities

  • Frequency and yield of testing

  • Antibody testing

  • Protocols post-exposure

  • Managing exposed and ill employees

  • Contact tracing strategies

  • Return to work policy after exposure/illness

Personal Protective Equipment Options

  • Use of PPE

  • Appropriateness of types of PPE

  • Stockpiling of PPE

Policies and Procedures

  • Employer COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • Event Organizer COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • Return to work policies and procedures

  • Remote work policies and procedures

  • Vacation and sick leave policies

  • Policies for student and other housing

  • Policies for positive test and contract tracing

  • Policy for when employee/invitee test positive

Consents and Waivers

  • Waiver and release for event attendance

  • Waiver and release for in-person services

  • Waiver and release for students

Vaccine Strategies

  • Review of vaccine options and availability

  • Review of insurance coverage for testing

  • Review of issues with false positives

  • Timing and necessity of vaccines


Screening Strategies

Physical Environment Solutions

  • Social distancing guidelines

  • Space and physical layout

  • Frequency and length of encounters

  • Remote work options

  • Food handling and sources

  • Air handling and sources

  • Post exposure cleaning and containment

  • Disinfectant strategies

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