LM Safety Solutions is a unique combination of legal and medical professionals with the sole focus of improving the safety of your organization.  With a special focus on the challenges presented by COVID-19 and other viruses that can impact your organization and employees, our infectious disease physicians work closely with our state lawyers focusing on healthcare and employment law to design proactive plans and reactive responses to urgent concerns.  We work with you to design custom solutions to your unique business, customer or student base, and physical environment. We provide experts with specific advice for your organization, providing confidence and comfort for your customers, students, employees, and vendors. When you engage us, our risk management and healthcare experts collaborate with you to create a

purpose-built solution that meets your safety challenges. 


Drs. Belcher and Bochan have 50 years of combined experience in infectious disease management across all ages of life and have had extensive experience with infectious disease crises including 2020 Covid, 2009 H1N1 pandemics and 2014 Ebola epidemic. Both have been national consultants for medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Markian Bochan, MD

E. mbochan@lmsafetysolutions.com

Dr. Christopher Belcher, MD

E. cbelcher@lmsafetysolutions.com


Our legal consultants have over 50 years of combined experience in regulatory, compliance, risk management, and employment law and litigation issues for health care providers and health systems.

Stephanie T. Eckerle Esq.

E. seckerle@lmsafetysolutions.com

Thomas N. Hutchinson Esq.

E. thutchinson@lmsafetysolutions.com

Amy J. Adolay Esq.

E. aadolay@lmsafetysolutions.com

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